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May 20-24, 2024

MetaCrust Services Ltd.

Company Description

Secure and Energy-Efficient Health Data Transmission for Remote Patient Monitoring Devices

Product and/or Service Description

Our software solution provides a comprehensive, end-to-end, zero-trust security system with a multi-directional incident/response mechanism for low-powered medical wearable or IoT fitness devices. Also, its lightweight nature, energy efficiency, and universal compatibility make it an optimal choice for MedTech companies & manufacturers seeking to secure their device’s data transmission. Moreover, its ability to adapt to evolving healthcare regulations since 2023 aims to provide required data protection and facilitate compliance, both now and in the future.

Sales Pitch/Value Proposition

Securely transmit health data with our advanced, lightweight encryption methods, safeguarding End-to-End sensitive information.

Optimized security solutions designed to preserve device battery life and maximize memory efficiency.

Versatile compatibility ensures our solution integrates seamlessly with top microcontrollers and established wireless devices.

Regulatory compliance assistance, aiding medical device manufacturers in meeting evolving healthcare regulations and standards.