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May 20-24, 2024

Nabuurs Gardens Ltd.

Company Description

Nabuurs Gardens is a multi-product farming operation that grows, wholesales and exports fresh and frozen fruit

Product and/or Service Description

We grow, process and wholesale fruit. Our largest product sold is wild blueberries, which we grow 300+ acres of. We use IQF technology, and package mainly in 1150 lb totes, and 30 lb Nabuurs Gardens branded cases. We grow and wholesale strawberries and pears, with a focus on the fresh market. We also produce and sell bulk pasteurized purees and juice products that are sold to large breweries and bakeries.

Sales Pitch/Value Proposition

We are a fully vertically integrated privately owned fruit operation. We can grow, process, freeze, and transport a large quantity of blueberries throughout Canada and the US. Our company is red-seal chef owned, and we have the knowledge and the facilities to help create custom food and beverage ingredients and products for clients.