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May 20-24, 2024

LearnAbility Cape Breton Inc.

Company Description

LearnAbility is a tutoring and education centre that provides in person and online tailored learning. Our goal is to make education fair and accessible to every student regardless of their strengths, weaknesses or individual needs.

Product and/or Service Description

LearnAbility has expanded its reach over the past 4 years, pivoting from the impacts of Covid into remote learning. Students in rural areas, students in areas with no tutoring support, are now able to access tutoring from qualified, specialized tutors. This has changed the lives of families, while in turn, growing our business. We will be able to grow our business even further.

Sales Pitch/Value Proposition

Education should be accessible to everyone regardless of age, grade, background, culture, or socioeconomic status. LearnAbility, through remote learning, has brought and can continue to bring, qualified and specialized education to areas who are under-serviced or need more specialized tutoring for students. For almost two decades and thousands of students later, LearnAbility has provided one on one tutoring that has changed lives. Every student’s needs are met by working to their skill level and not the expectations of others. Students gain confidence, self-esteem, strategies and improved academics.